Top 5 Reasons to Play Tennis

Thinking about playing tennis?  Here are the top 5 reasons to play tennis. Tennis can boost your mood.  Feeling stressed? Hit a tennis ball 🙂 Tennis is a lifelong sport that can be played year round, at any skill level, and almost any age. Tennis is great exercise while having […]

Spark Tennis Hitting Partner

Are you a great hitting partner?

One thing I LOVE about tennis is the huge range of skilled players.  From beginner to expert, we can help others get better, work on our game, or get completely toasted on court.  In my opinion, a great hitting partner (or group) is one that we can get on court […]

Spark Tennis Overview

Quick Overview of Spark Tennis

Spark Tennis is probably unique in that it focuses on the whole tennis player and tennis community with the following key beliefs The Goal of Playing Tennis is to Have Fun We All Have Unique Talents that Need to be Shared If You’re Still Breathing, You Have a Purpose Education […]