What is the Best Tennis Grip?

The best overall tennis grip depends on individual preferences, playing style, and hand size. There are several common types of tennis grips, and each has its advantages:

  1. Eastern Grip (Continenal Grip):
    • Advantages: Versatile for various strokes, including serves, volleys, and groundstrokes. Good for beginners.
    • Best for: All-around play, especially for beginners.
  2. Semi-Western Grip:
    • Advantages: Provides good topspin for groundstrokes. Suitable for modern baseline play.
    • Best for: Players who prefer a baseline-oriented game with topspin-heavy shots.
  3. Western Grip:
    • Advantages: Generates high topspin for powerful shots. Ideal for players with a baseline-heavy game.
    • Best for: Players who rely on extreme topspin shots from the baseline.
  4. Eastern Backhand Grip:
    • Advantages: Well-suited for single-handed backhands and can also be used for volleys and serves.
    • Best for: Players with a one-handed backhand.
  5. Two-Handed Backhand Grip:
    • Advantages: Provides stability and power for two-handed backhand shots.
    • Best for: Players with a two-handed backhand.
  6. Serve-and-Volley Grip:
    • Advantages: Designed for net play, enabling quick transitions between serves and volleys.
    • Best for: Players who frequently employ a serve-and-volley strategy.
  7. Continental Grip for Serves:
    • Advantages: Provides control and versatility for serving with slice, topspin, and flat serves.
    • Best for: Players looking for a versatile grip for different types of serves.
  8. Eastern Forehand with a Modified Continental for Serve:
    • Advantages: Offers a compromise between power and control for serves and groundstrokes.
    • Best for: Players seeking a balanced grip for both serves and groundstrokes.

Ultimately, the “best” grip is the one that feels most comfortable and effective for an individual player’s style of play. It’s worth experimenting with different grips during practice sessions to find the one that suits you best. Additionally, seeking advice from a certified tennis coach can provide valuable insights into choosing and refining your grip.