Weekly Training Plan for Tennis Players

Below is a sample table outlining a weekly training plan for a tennis player, balancing strength training and cardio exercises. Keep in mind that individual needs and preferences may vary, so this is just an example to provide a starting point:

Day Activity Duration/Volume
Monday Strength Training 45-60 minutes (including warm-up)
– Full-body exercises (e.g., squats,
deadlifts, bench press)
– Core exercises (e.g., planks,
Russian twists)
– Resistance training (e.g., bands,
Tuesday Cardio (Moderate Intensity) 45-60 minutes (e.g., brisk walking,
jogging, cycling)
Wednesday Tennis Practice 90-120 minutes (including warm-up and
Thursday Strength Training 45-60 minutes (including warm-up)
– Focus on different muscle groups
from Monday
– Core exercises, flexibility training
Friday Cardio (High Intensity) 30-45 minutes (e.g., interval training,
sprints, HIIT)
Saturday Tennis Match or Practice 90-120 minutes (including warm-up and
Sunday Active Recovery/Rest Light activities (e.g., stretching,
yoga, leisurely walk)

Please note:

  • This is just a sample plan and can be adjusted based on individual fitness levels, preferences, and specific goals.
  • Rest days are crucial for recovery, so consider adding a rest day or light activities like stretching or yoga.
  • Warm-up and cool-down sessions are important before and after each workout or activity.
  • Flexibility and mobility exercises can be incorporated throughout the week.

It’s recommended to consult with a certified fitness trainer or coach to create a personalized plan that addresses specific needs and goals.