Frequently Asked Questions

The goal here is to share answers to questions that I get a lot so you can benefit from those who have asked before you 🙂

  • Are you a tennis pro? Nope. Never played pro tennis nor am I certified as pro by any particular tennis organization at this time. I give lessons and have coached a lot of players of all ages and skill levels throughout the years though. If you're looking for certified pros, they're easy to find and I recommend you try a few.
  • Are you a certified racquet technician? Nope, but I string a lot and like to think I know what I'm doing. 😉
  • Do you play competitive tennis? Nope, not any more. I play for fun and help others achieve their goals.
  • Do you offer private lessons? Yes, however, there are many many options for lessons, so I encourage players to sample and try coaches to find the best fit for them.
  • More to come…