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Connect with the awesome community of Spark Tennis where you will join a positive, high-energy group of tennis players, coaches and supporters in the Burleson and Fort Worth Texas area.Spark Tennis Burleson Community

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Quick Background

Spark Tennis Community BurlesonIn case you haven’t heard, Spark Tennis a community of like-minded tennis players, coaches and supporters who focus on whole-player development and having fun.  When you connect with Spark Tennis, you are in-the-loop of events, drills, discussions, gear, and more.

Our Principles


Spark Tennis community members are welcomed to be as they are, but we do hope to see the Spark Tennis key values and principles demonstrated by our tennis players, coaches and supporters.

Spark Tennis Love All First ServeOur three main principles are LEARN, PLAY & INSPIRE.  These principles apply to our approach to tennis as well as our daily lives.

We learn because we are developing people, not satisfied with our current level of understanding or skills, but avid students of what interests us.

We play because that’s what we love to do.  We have fun.  We find sport in most anything just because.  With respect to tennis, we simply love to hit the ball.  This can be during a championship match or helping a younger player get started with their forehand.  We practice because we love to play.  This often leads to excellent match play, but winning is not the most important thing to a Spark Tennis player.

We inspire and are inspired daily.  We welcome the great teachers of all time and are students of those we admire.  On our path of becoming better than we were yesterday, we’re open to new ideas and ways of living a fuller and more inspired life.  How do we inspire?  Well, you tell us… Maybe it’s the way we have fun in most everything we do, or maybe it’s the way we respect each other and congratulate each other, or maybe it’s the way we send smiles to everyone we meet simply because we feel good.  Either way, you’ll know when you meet a Spark Tennis player.  Becoming friends with us and joining our community, we welcome you to be exactly who you are because we recognize you have talents to share and we’re excited to see you in action.