Compare String Types and Their Pros and Cons Before You String

Here is a table summarizing the main types of tennis strings, their usages, pros, and cons:

String Type Usage Pros Cons
Natural Gut For advanced players – Offers excellent playability and feel. – Expensive compared to synthetic strings.
– Provides superior power, comfort, and control. – Less durable compared to synthetic strings.
– Minimal tension loss over time. – Susceptible to weather conditions (can lose tension in humid or wet conditions).
Synthetic Gut Versatile, suits all levels – Offers a good balance of playability and durability. – Less expensive than natural gut.
– Provides decent power and control. – Generally less durable than polyester strings.
– Suitable for a wide range of playing styles.
Polyester (Poly) Power players, baseliners – Offers exceptional durability and control. – Can be harsh on the arm (less comfortable).
– Provides excellent spin potential. – Tension maintenance can be an issue.
– Maintains tension well. – Less forgiving of off-center hits.
Multifilament Players with arm issues – Mimics the feel of natural gut at a lower cost. – Not as durable as polyester strings.
– Offers good power, comfort, and playability. – May not provide as much control as polyester strings.
– Kind to the arm due to its softer construction.
Hybrid Customized setups – Combines different strings in the mains and crosses. – Allows for customization of playability and durability.
– Can optimize power, control, and spin. – May require experimentation to find the ideal combination.
– Allows players to benefit from the strengths of different strings.
Kevlar/aramid String breakers – Extremely durable, resistant to notching and breaking. – Very stiff, can be hard on the arm.
– Provides exceptional control. – Lacks the feel and playability of softer strings.
– Suitable for players who frequently break strings.
Natural Gut Hybrids Players seeking a balance – Combines natural gut with a synthetic or poly string for a balance of playability and durability. – Offers a premium feel at a lower cost compared to a full set of natural gut.
– Provides a blend of power, comfort, and control. – Not as durable as full sets of synthetic or poly strings.

Please note that these descriptions are general guidelines and individual preferences may vary. String choice can greatly impact a player’s performance, so it’s advisable to experiment with different types and tensions to find what works best for your playing style and preferences. Consulting with a certified stringer or tennis coach can also provide valuable insights.