Tennis Lessons

At Spark Tennis, we know what it takes to ensure our players have fun, learn, and improve their tennis skills.

Spark Tennis Lessons (all ages and skill levels)

Rates: $40/hr for private and semi-private lessons. Group rates  of 5+ are $10/person.

  • Private Tennis Lesson (one-on-one) ($40/hr)
  • Semi-Private Lesson (two to four students) ($20/person/hr)
  • Group Lessons (5+ students) ($10/person/hr)

Recommended Lesson

Tennis is a social sport, and when it comes to improving your game, we believe it is more fun to have a partner or three training along side each player for motivation and friendships.  While we understand that individual attention is sometimes best, consider training as a doubles team or a group of like-minded players…it’s a blast!  At only $20/player, it’s both affordable and fun for everyone.

What to Expect with Spark Tennis Lessons

  • Always a Fun, Encouraging Environment
  • Knowledgeable, Supportive & Patient Instructors
  • We Bring a High-Energy, Positive Vibe
  • Learn at Your Own Pace and Comfort Level
  • We’ll Help You Set Goals and Achieve Success

Prepare for your Tennis Lesson

Our most successful students take care of the following to ensure maximum results during their lessons:

  • Bring your racquet, wear proper clothes and shoes, hat and sunglasses if necessary
  • Bring plenty of water and a healthy snack if you get hungry
  • Set mental goals before stepping on the court and strive to achieve them
  • Bring a positive attitude and believe you will improve
  • Make sure to enjoy the game of tennis and have fun!

Friends We Also Recommend

We also recommend tennis professionals in the area based on their specialty and style.

Please reach out to us to learn more about why we recommend these tennis coaches and organizations.  Just know that depending on your goals and learning style, there is a tennis teaching pro near you that can help you have an awesome learning experience…from the beginner to the college-level player.  Tennis Pros vary in intensity and knowledge area, so let’s pick the right fit for you!  Most of all, have fun while reaching your tennis and fitness goals!